Strengths In Education Courses

Educators and leaders in K-12 and higher education have a significant opportunity to transform students' lives using strengths-based initiatives. When students know what they do best and have opportunities to develop and apply those talents every day, they are more likely to be engaged with the learning process. Every student has unique talents, which -- when recognised and nurtured -- can lead to long-term success and eventually a great job and great life.


Gallup's strengths courses for educators provide the insight and tools that help schools and campuses use strengths as an accelerator to improve student performance and increase the engagement, hope, and well-being of students, faculty and staff. These courses are designed to:

  • guide educators and leaders through their own strengths development process
  • build capacity, knowledge, and skill on strengths-based development
  • build practical application for comprehensive implementation

Gallup's instructors deliver courses online using interactive technology. We build professional capacity and sustain learning during and after the course through online conversation boards, online coaching, and resource sharing. Gallup courses offer educators and leaders a unique opportunity to participate in a vibrant online learning community and contribute to a cutting-edge conversation about strengths-based education.

Register for Online Strengths Courses for Educators

  • Certificate in Strengths-Based Education
  • SBED100: Introduction to Strengths-Based Education
  • SBED202: Strengths-Based Teaching in K-12
  • SBED203: Strengths-Based Curriculum for a First-Year Program
  • SBED303: Strengths-Based Mentoring and Advising in Higher Education
  • SBED400: Strengths-Based Leadership in Education
  • SBED501: Large-Scale Strengths Implementation in Academic Institutions
  • SBED600: Building Engaged Schools

For more information or to register for an Australia-based course, please contact us at or by calling 02 9409 9000.

Note: Minimum of 10 participants required to run a course.