What is the Faith Index?

Faith is an important part of many people's lives and we know that it is important to many students and schools. To aid schools in their efforts to assess student perceptions of the impact the School is having on a student's faith journey, we have created an index to help capture this information.

Gallup would also like to determine what, if any, links there may be between Faith and Hope, Engagement, and Well-being.

The items in the poll that make up the Faith Index are:

  1. My faith is an important part of my daily life.
  2. My faith helps me choose how I live my life.
  3. There is at least one person at school who encourages me in my spiritual growth.
  4. Someone at school has encouraged me to think about how to put my faith into action.
  5. My school is committed to building the faith of each student.
  6. What is your religion? (note: choices are from the Australian Census)
    Anglican (Church of England)
    Uniting Church
    Greek Orthodox
    Other (please specify)
    No religion
    Choose not to respond